Localization & SAP

What gives Oracle Post a true leg above its competitors in the Voice Casting Industry is our skill in Localization. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the specific cultural perception of the target audience and the dialect of the region.


There are never any corners cut with Oracle Post. We work to ensure the authenticity of every translation. And you can be ensured that no matter what, we will cast to the exact dialectal specifications of the region you are looking for. The actors we choose as well are top in the industry along with the mixing services we provide along with our competitive rates, we cannot be beat!

When it comes to Spanish (SAP) we offer many different types for about every budget. From 'read only' to 'full sync'. Being a preferred vendor of Viacom, Oracle Post works on anything from Game Shows, Episodic Series, Reality Programing and First Run Theatrical Features. 

If this is your first time as a client we will also help you through the process so you understand the complexities and technical aspects to a quality product.